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The lighting process

PNW Holiday Lighting is known for:

- Quality - We only use commercial grade, high quality lights. They are used in malls, commercial buildings, parking structures, and sports stadiums. These lights are LED, they are NOT incandescent or filament lights meaning they do not burn out as easy - we replace the ones that do for free.


- Organization - Once you become a customer, the template for your home becomes mapped into our system. We trim our lights to fit your home (no wire tails in the gutter) and when it comes time to take them down, they are labelled and set away in a container for safe keeping until the next year. Repeat customer installs generally go much faster.


- Timely and Smooth - We have been in the business since 2017 and have done over 250 homes. We have our process down. You can have us put the lights up while you are out of town so they are up when you get home! 


- Communication -  We promptly respond to your texts, calls and emails. You will never be left in the dust on an estimate, installation or take down. We are always by the phone or computer to answer any questions you have or come replace any bulb you might need replaced. Call or text now!

We also do exterior cleaning! Check out for our cleaning services - including pressure washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and more.

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